The Old Pine Team

A scientist and an historian walk into Tootsie’s on a Monday night. They come out three hours later with the beginnings of a business plan, and Old Pine Artist Services is born. Ok, so it wasn’t quite that easy to get things off the ground, but the decision to start a full-capability artist services agency WAS that easy.

Making it in the music industry is complicated enough; we believe the team an artist works with should be the easiest part of one’s career to navigate. As such, it is the mission of Old Pine Artist Services to lead artists in every aspect of their climb to the top, from artist development and media training to premiere and tour campaigns.

When everyone is running toward the right, sometimes the best answer is to go left. Old Pine Artist Services is founded on the belief that every artist has the ability to make their music matter exactly where they are, whether that’s in the middle of Music City, upstate New York, or a small town in Colorado. We see our client relations as true partnerships from start to finish. We do it a little differently at OPAS. We like it that way.

Our Approach

The thought process behind our in-house comprehensive approach to artist services began when Jasmine Rochelle was working as a journalist on her independent publication, Lula 1892. Through several years experience chasing down publicists and managers for interviews and working with producers and recording studios on features, Jasmine realized how disjointed the industry really is. As a newcomer to the music industry but a veteran in entertainment, she thought there had to be a better solution to managing one’s career.

Why have a new artist go to one organization or individual for writing and publishing, one for recording, one for management, one for art work, one for distribution, and one for publicity? That’s six separate steps before an artist even gets a song to demo. Enter Haley Hays, Creative Director for Old Pine Artist Services. With a born talent and passion for art and design to compliment Rochelle’s knack for written word and business development, a natural partnership began to form as they discussed the challenges they each noted in the industry.

Together, the two developed their business concept for over a year as they began to build strategic relationships with producers, studios, venues, and local press in Nashville and beyond.

Old Pine Artist Services can handle every aspect of an artist’s career from recording to publishing to album and tour press and beyond. If they don’t know how to do it yet, they’ll learn it or they’ll outsource it to one of their exclusive strategic partners. OPAS will handle the day to day management of such partnerships, leaving the artist to focus on the most important thing: the music.

  • Two years ago my son Ricky introduced my husband Wayne Moss and me to Jasmine Rochelle. The two met while Ricky was on the concert circuit for his employer, Reba McEntire. Jasmine had previously worked with some of the artists who had recorded at our Cinderella Studio and upon meeting we became great friends.

    She has worked closely with us as a journalist and editor by creating an in-depth article about the professional journeys of Moeller and Moss as well as the narrative of our beloved Cinderella. Her ability to listen and craft the words into the story we wished to share sets her apart from others in her field in a rare and meaningful way to those whose stories she tells.

    Following on the heels of this successful collaboration, Jasmine brought songwriter Olivia Bandy to me and asked if I would produce her album. After hearing Olivia’s  songs I was more than happy to come on board as part of the team to launch her debut.

    Jasmine and her business partner Haley Hays are quite the dynamic duo, possessing both the eyes and ears for talent, the knowledge and resources to assist artists in their endeavors and the heart and drive to follow through. We look forward to working with them in the near  future with Wayne’s new Barefoot 8 CD close to release and know that they will dedicate themselves to its launch with their customary personal and professional flair and high standards. Here’s to many more new and exciting projects together!

    Dee & Wayne Moss // Cinderella Sound Studio

  • Jasmine and Haley are the real deal. They’ve stuck by me from day one of my career and have helped me navigate the craziness that is the music business. I owe so much to them for connecting me with my people and being there to facilitate and support the experiences I’ve been blessed to have! - Olivia Bandy