Once upon a time, I had forgotten entirely that I was an artist. I dabbled when I was younger, drawing things here and there and taking an advanced art class in high school. Then I simply stopped. I took up other activities instead and started on a career path to become a nutritionist. Though I love science, I had completely fallen out of tune with myself and was not pursuing the things that truly made me happy. Last year when I rediscovered art it was like something came alive again.  I use my scientific knowledge to inform my work. I love incorporating the anatomical parts of what makes the human body work with the things that set our souls on fire. Art has become the thing to which I cling through every other aspect of my life, and I strive to find the beautiful contrast between light and dark in the things I create. My goal with my work is to make people take a closer look at what surrounds them and to find beauty in things not normally considered to be beautiful – a butterfly’s wings as it lands one last time to take its eternal rest, the rings of a tree after its been cut down, the way an almost-love song makes one stop and think of times long past.