There is a bright eyed enthusiasm to singer/songwriter Tayla Lynn that cannot be denied. There is a warmth in her voice, truth behind her piercing blue eyes, and genuine affection when she speaks of her history, her family and friends, and most of all her art. Born into one of Nashville’s greatest musical dynasties, Lynn’s passion for singing and performing was sparked from an early age. “I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t in the wings in some town somewhere, watchin’ my Memaw [Loretta Lynn]  and my Daddy [Ernest Ray Lynn] on stage” recalls Tayla. She was four the first time she remembers her Memaw taking her on stage. Lynn recounts “I started singing as soon as I opened my mouth.”

Signed to Skyville Records in 2007, Lynn’s first major musical project was the trio Stealing Angels with Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Wayne; a group built for radio from a reality show the three women had appeared on together. Stealing Angels was just the tip of the iceberg for Lynn when it came to recording and working in the music industry, and her ability to self reflect has been critical to her success as an artist, a wife, and a mother. Her first solo project The Ranch, released in 2016, was the culmination of several years with the trio, a move across the country, addiction, recovery, a lot of hard work, and a dash of her grandmother, Loretta Lynn.  Lynn’s experiences are wrapped up in her music; one is inseparable from the other as she writes and sings her truth about love, healing, motherhood, and the coal dust that runs through her Kentucky veins.

Lynn’s newest album, originally set to be released summer 2018, was put on hold while she dealt with the sudden loss of her mother, Cindy. The LP, now being released in singles, is reflective of the loss Lynn felt with the death of her mother, the adjustment to a new normal without her, and plenty of fond memories growing up in the Lynn family in Hurricane Mills; so much so that her grandmother Loretta is billed as a co-writer on several songs. Tayla Lynn reflected on the process of writing through her grief and how her grandmother has helped her find her words for her newest album. “I love working and writing with Memaw, and Memaw loved my Mom so much. I’m a pretty tough person, but my Mom’s death has softened me. When I’m in a softer place and more connected to God, I can write more. Whether it is writing blogs or music or being a better vocalist because I feel it more, I think all of that is a result of missing her. She was so proud of my music. My Mom left me a voicemail the week before she died, singing some lyrics to a song she’d made up, and I’ve taken those lyrics to Memaw and she and I are writing the rest of the song.”

Tayla Lynn tours regularly as a solo act and with her partner in crime, Tre Twitty, to perform “A Salute to Conway and Loretta”. Lynn’s next release, a Loretta Lynn tribute album with Heart of Texas Records, is due out this Fall.