Wise beyond her years, Olivia Bandy has a unique talent when it comes to bringing stories to life in song. Heavily influenced by the story songs of old by the likes of Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, and others who ran the show when country music was in its Golden Era, Bandy has a disarming charm and honesty. “Country music is my favorite, but I love all genres. It really comes down to the lyrics. I’m a songwriter first, so lyrics are really important to me. I find the country songs always have more personally relatable lyrics for me; especially the older ones. Country music has always carried real messages for me, whether they have to do with social or home issues. They’re not just love and party songs, they cover all parts of our lives.”

When asked why Bandy gravitates toward classic country artists, she laughed a classic, quiet laugh. “I’ve always been told that I’m an old soul, basically since the day I was born. My parents were teenagers in the 70’s, so I grew up with a lot of influences from a generation ahead of mine, including things outside of music like sitcoms, books, things like that. When people my age were listening to Taylor Swift I was in the thick of discovering Reba McEntire and the amazing theatrical concerts she put on throughout the nineteen-nineties. She’s a phenomenal performer and I thought – ok- I want to affect people the same way she does. My passion is writing, so I try to draw in the passion people feel for performances like hers into the words I put down on paper. What kind of story is going to not only have an effect on someone, but what kind of story is going to stand the test of time for the next kid like me who comes along and discovers that song in ten or twenty years?”

In addition to songwriting and releasing her first EP, Bandy is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at Belmont University in Music Business. “My focus is in business, which is very open ended. I take a lot of math classes, but I also take classes that have to do with copyright, publishing, and artist management. This degree is unique to Belmont because we are in the center of Nashville and we are able to have these incredible internships within walking distance and be taught by these remarkable working professionals in the industry.”