Co-Founder l Creative Director

A born artist, Haley Hays works in traditional mediums to bring our client’s art work to life. Focused mainly in pencil drawing and oil painting, Hays conceptualizes everything from logos and website design to album art and admats on paper before she digitizes the finished product.

Hays works together with artists from start to finish. Whether with an in person meeting or a phone call, her first step is to sit and learn each client’s aesthetic. What colors do they love? Which images inspire them? What types of feelings does the artist want their music to invoke? From there, Hays draws the first concepts and builds the visual brand layer by layer.

    • Member Since: January 2020
    • Hobbies: Painting, drawing, live music, B-Rated horror films, cooking, and anything scientific
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Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time

Thomas Merton

Getting to know my clients on a personal level is the first step in my artistic process. I want to know them beyond looking up their Spotify numbers and social following. Does my client hate the color brown? Are they terrified of snakes? Are they sober? These questions may seem random and like they could have nothing to do with developing a logo or merch, but if you break it down I could build a brown tour poster covered in beer steins and snakes. Wouldn’t be super smart if my client is a sober, snake fearing, brown hating person.

The parts that make us uniquely human are the parts that must shine through in every piece of art that represents my clients.

So… what’s your least favorite color?