Old Pine Artist Services is proud to partner with some of the best behind-the-scenes talent in Nashville to bring our clients’ production and promotion dreams to life. We handle the introduction, scheduling, and billing, so all you have to do is show up ready to record!


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Full Services

  • Copywriting
    We specialize in artist biographies, press releases, one-sheets, and marketing content. Our Director of Artist Development, Jasmine Rochelle, works one-on-one with clients to tell their story in a succinct and compelling way that will grab the attention of readers. Copywriting services can be retained on an à la carte basis or as part of a development package or release plan.
  • Art + Graphic Design

    Our Creative Director, Haley Hays, works one-on-one with our clients to ensure that their art is as personal to their brand as is their music. We cover logos, branding guidelines (+ your brand book!), album art and liner notes, admats, social media banners and content, website concepts, and tour posters.

  • Social Media Management

    Social media is a crucial part of audience engagement for musicians. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most time consuming parts of a musician’s career. Let us handle everything from planning to scheduling. We can create a comprehensive social media calendar and manage engagement for you so that you can focus on your music making.

  • Release Plans

    We will partner with artists to handle every aspect of a release for singles, EP’s, and full-length albums. Release plans for EP’s and long play albums can include distribution, press, premieres, appearances, social media planning and support, reviews, and a release/listening party. Single releases include press and premieres.

  • Public Relations and Press

    We handle general, album release, and tour press. We create customized earned and paid media plans according to our artist’s needs and budget that include articles, podcasts, interviews, speaking opportunities, and social mentions. Results are monitored in real time – there’s no set it and forget planning here. Artists receive monthly reports on pitched, planned, and completed coverage so we can adjust as necessary to see the kind of press we want.  Project based coverage includes a final report and post mortem.

  • Booking

    We include booking as part of an artist’s retainer package or as an à la carte service. You provide your tour timeline, conflicts, band needs/details, and geography. We’ll take care of everything else.

  • Artist Development

    We are here to guide our clients through every decision for which they feel they need help. Whether that’s deciding on wardrobe or which songs to include in production, we’ve got it covered. Artist development includes branding, song selection, music production + mixing and mastering, distribution, media coaching, and press.